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This was my 4th session with Mike over the last year. I'm an intuitive healer so most of the time I try to do my own work. But I had a root issue unravel for me recently and I knew I could trust Mike to help me clear the last layers.


I know Mike can always lead the session in the best way for me. I always feel comfortable opening up to him and with his background in psychology, he has excellent delivery.


Mike seems to have a strange Zen effect on me :) It's this and his intuition, genuine warmth, and integrity for consistently 'showing up' that make him my go to when I need to dive deep.


I want to thank you for so clearly and effectively introducing me to the Emotion Code. It is making a significant difference in my life.

Although I know many other techniques for dealing with the emotional issues arising for me, I find using the Emotion Code is simple and effective, so I am using it rather heavily at the moment to deal with lots of old emotions arising in my body as pain. It has been very beneficial for me.


I had a number of sessions with Mike Provencher where he used the Emotion Code to remove negative emotions trapped in my body.


During this work my high blood pressure dropped about twenty points and has remained there since. As there were no changes to my diet or lifestyle I can only attribute this drop to the removal of toxic emotions accomplished by our work together.

Mike is a caring and intuitive person and I very much enjoyed and appreciate the sessions he did with me.

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Working with the Emotion Code I feel able to move forward, past build up anxiety, worry, stress, negative thought patterns and fear. This modality helps my logical and systematic mind find peace by identifying stuck emotions and providing the label my brain needs to let go. Emotion Code has helped me through depression, COVID, physical illness, loss of mine and my husband's jobs and growing anxiety for the state of the world. I would recommend this program to others


Thank you for the session we had on Wed.  It certainly helped me to feel lighter and more in control of my inner core since clearing out the emotions that were attached to the issue we worked on.  I feel more sturdy and more able to face difficult situations.  I truly enjoyed the session!


The day after the session I felt really chilled and was shivering. Then I felt a big whoosh and felt a released as it poured out of me.


Afterwards I felt light and spacious and felt that something had really moved.

Th Emotion Code is a great tool! It is so easy to learn but I think you need a practitioner to get the profound movements.

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