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 Mike  Provencher
 Registered Clinical Counsellor
 Certified in the Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code


Let's get working on giving you

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Introducing Mike

Mike is a career therapist and mental health expert. Nowadays I only use energy healing methods to resolve client issues. Book today for a Belief Code, a Body Code or an Emotion Code session.

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an Energy Healing system created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.


It works on the premise that, in difficult situations that we can't deal with, we trap the emotions in our energy body. Over time, we accumulate a lot of trapped emotions that block our expression of ourselves and our ability to attract what we want from the universe.


When you identify and release these trapped emotions, it removes these blocks and allows you to be in alignment with your destiny and your inner desires.


The Emotion Code has been successful in treating a wide range of problems and conditions, including: long term emotional issues, physical ailments, blocks to career or personal relationships, etc.


One major benefit of the Emotion Code is that you don’t have to re-experience past painful events.

Consider the Emotion Code if you have

emotion code explanation

Low Energy, lacking motivation and little enjoyment or satisfaction from life

Problems dealing with anger, anxiety, depression or other crippling moods

Ongoing aches and pains or other physical issues that interfere

Difficulties in your relationships with your spouse, children, family, co-workers or boss

Frustration in achieving work, family or life goals, with constant reversals and blocks

Reoccurring Traumatic memories that are distressing and painful

What is the Body Code

The Body Code was also developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It works in a similar manner to the Emotion Code by finding disturbed patterns and releasing these.

Body Code
body code.jpg

The Body Code is designed to find disturbances in six major areas, including damaging Emotional and Mental Energies, Circuits or Systems which include circuits, chakras and meridians. It can also detect toxins in the body and Pathogens. Physical and energetic Misalignments can be found and corrected as well as Nutritional and Lifestyle issues. The Body Code is a quick and effective way of balancing comprehensive issues in the body. It also includes everything in the Emotion Code.

Consider the Body Code  if you have...

Any of the issues listed for the Emotion Code

Mental health conditions including PTSD, anxiety, emotional distress, depression

Physical complaints including sleep difficulties, pains stiffness and soreness, skin problems, injuries, fatigue, etc.

Interconnected emotional and physical conditions including allergies, body and organ imbalances, etc.

Either the Emotion Code or the Body Code can release the blocks that are keeping you from living the life that you deserve.

What is the Belief Code

The Belief Code was just released by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It is a revolutionary method of finding and releasing negative  belief systems that impair our ability to move forward in life.

Belief Code

Many of our beliefs are formed before the age of seven, before our brains have developed the capacity to screen information. Many other beliefs are the result of conclusions we make based on the events around us. This often results in a collection of belief systems that do not serve us, but rather acts as a barrier to moving forward in our lives. These belief systems are buried in our subconscious so we are not able to consciously bring them to mind in order to change them. Dr. Bradley Nelson has created a new energy based method of finding and releasing negative beliefs. This frees us up to create new, positive beliefs that support us in moving forward.

belief code image.jpg

Consider the Belief Code  if you have...

Neglect, abuse or conflict in your early life relationships

Negative patterns that keep you from moving forward with your life goals.

Low self esteem or lack of confidence that creates a negative self-fulfilling prophesy.

Emotionally charged negative experiences that lead you to expect the same in the future.

If you are ware of negative belief that keep rekindling even after counselling or therapy

Beliefs that interfere with our ability to take in praise or positive feedback from those who love us.

What people are saying

Mike is my go-to healer when I need to get to the root of a stubborn pattern. I can relax knowing he will lead the session in the best way for me. I always feel comfortable opening up to him and with a background in psychology, he has excellent delivery. His insights really 'land'.

Debra, Nanaimo

How the Services Work

You book a session and at the time of the session, you specify the issue you want to release. Then, through Energy Testing we determine whether the Emotion Code, the Body Code or the Belief Code is the best method for you, for this issue at this time. We then conduct the session accordingly. The fee is adjusted to the type of session.


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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